Friday, February 27, 2009

82) GONEAWAY INTO THE LAND by Author Jeffrey B. Allen


Title: GONEAWAY INTO THE LAND by Author Jeffrey B. Allen
Genre: Philosophical Fiction for adolescents and adults

A synopsis in under 1000 words:

This ambitious yarn follows twelve-year old John Greber who, along with his mother Ellie, is the object of abuse at the hands of John’s father whom he names “The Beast.”

One day, “The Beast” abandons John and his mother while at the same time snatching away John’s six-year old sister Marny. John vows to seek revenge, confront his repulsive father, and rescue his sister Marny. As we discover, all of this transpires during a time where John and his mother will be indirectly involved in a Civil War that has far reaching repercussions that may lead to the destruction of the world.

Tagging along with John and his mother, Allen cleverly uses his mind-boggling world as a vehicle in understanding what life is all about and the human condition. This is particularly in evidence as we witness John’s challenge of making the transition from childhood to adulthood as he self-examines the big questions in life as well as the nature of good and evil, the meaning of life and the quest to understand himself.


  1. REVIEW:

    Jeffrey B. Allen created a Masterpiece, a captivating story the reader can never forget. The author's wild imagination draws the reader in,like a magnet. The plot is superb, and his charismatic characters come to life. "GONEAWAY INTO THE LAND" is a riveting tale of not just John's epic journey, but also our journey through life. The vivid description of "The Beast" is incredible. The remarkable journey is chilling, haunting, and mysterious as it takes the reader to a place with unforgettable consequences. John Greber tugs at the reader's heart as much as Trevor does in "PAY IT FORWARD."

    Geraldine Ahearn AIOM HonDG
    Author of 6 books
    CCRN/ Founding Member ABI Women's Review Board
    Author Geri Ahearn, INC

  2. "GoneAway Into the Land is a story about the greatest triumph of them all. It will reach the love, the hurt, and the hate that resides within our hearts. It will pry open the deepest corners of your childhood, and then, without a hint of intention, reveal the positive energy of the human spirit. Jeffrey B. Allen will lead you on an unforgettable journey. His vivid imagination, and his amazing talent as a writer, transports his readers to a place filled with wonders as original in form as in character. But, be certain to read between the lines. Because this, you will discover, is where GoneAway Into the Land truly shines."

  3. An excellent book, well-written, fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable. It was a outstanding creative work, a great addition to the genre of fantasy, and fiction in general.