Thursday, May 14, 2009


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Writers And Readers of Distinctive fiction

92) Before The Season Ends by Author Linore Burkard


Title: Before The Season Ends by Author Linore Burkard
Genre: Inspirational Romance
Website Address: LINORE BURKARD

A synopsis in under 1000 words:

Linore Rose Burkard's debut novel whisks readers into the Regency with the intriguing story of Miss Ariana Forsythe, a young woman caught between love for a man who doesn't share her faith and her resolution to marry only a fellow believer in Christ.

Trouble at home sends Ariana to her aunt's townhouse in the fashionable Mayfair district of London. There, she soon finds herself neck-deep in high society and at odds with Mr. Phillip Mornay, London's current darling rogue. Then, a scandal changes Ariana forever. Her heart, her faith, and her future are all at stake in an unexpected adventure that gains even the Prince Regent's attention.

Will Ariana's faith survive this test? What about her heart? For it's Ariana's heart that most threatens to betray the truths she has always believed in. When she finds herself backed against a wall, betrothed to the wrong man, how can it ever turn out right?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

91) WHAT SHALL WE DO WITH THIS LIFE? by Author Stephen Caravana


Title: WHAT SHALL WE DO WITH THIS LIFE? by Author Stephen Caravana
Genre: Christian/Inspirational

A synopsis in under 1000 words

Stephen's second book titled "What Shall We Do With This Life?-God Has The Answer..." is divinely inspirational, and a story that encourages others to open their eyes, look around at all the beauty that exists in the world that God has created, and give thanks and praise to Him for all that they've been blessed with. God does in fact have a plan for our lives, and we will only realize that plan once we "turn down the noise," listen for His voice calling us, and pointing us in the direction we must go in this life that he's given us. If we're not sure of the direction that he want us to go in our lives of faith, just ask Him the question. God does indeed have the answers to helping us find a life of true faith, joy, and contentment. But, we must truly believe in Him and go where he tells to go with our lives.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

90) THE NUDE by Author Dorothy McFalls


Title: THE NUDE by Author Dorothy McFalls
Genre: Historical Romance
Website Link: AMAZON
Personal Website: DOROTHY McFALLS

A synopsis in under 1000 words:

Upon my honor! If not for that shocking painting. It has truly ruined
everything, simply everything. A handsome marquess promises to repair my
tattered reputation. But how can I trust him or his clever kisses when he's
clearly hiding a deep, dark secret of his own?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009




Genre: Non-Fiction/Self-Help
Website Link L. DIANE WOLFE

A synopsis in under 1000 words:




Break through your barriers with SPUNK!

Are you ready to break through the barriers obstructing your goals and move into a position of leadership? Then do so with SPUNK! Learn the steps required to overcome obstacles and become an effective and dynamic leader. The five Keys guide you through:

Developing a positive attitude
Learning people skills
Raising self-esteem
Overcoming fears
Setting goals

Joined by authors David Ambrose, p.m. terrell, Darlene Wofford, Jocelyn Andersen, Bob Johnson, C. Denise Sutton, and Bill Wilson, Wolfe’s “Overcoming Obstacles with SPUNK! The Keys to Leadership & Goal-Setting” will energize your passion for life!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

88) DARK MOUNTAIN by Author Sydney Stone


Title: DARK MOUNTAIN by Author Sydney Stone
Genre: Thriller
Website Link: SYDNEY STONE

A sysnopsis in under 1000 words:

High upp in the mountains of North Carolina, something sinister and evil was happening. A centuries old coven had a deep, dark secret. Satanism was alive and thriving, and planning something much bigger than the town of Redemption. Reverend King's faith would be tested to the ultimate limit. Could Reverend King uncover the truth and turn the dark to light? This ancient dance, between good and evil, comes alive, revealing the battle in the spiritual realm. Angels, dark and light, make their presence known, in this chilling tale of Satan's hate for the believer and of God's love for his children and for the world.

Monday, March 2, 2009

87) PARANOIA by Author J.E. Braun


Title: PARANOIA by Author J. E. Braun
Genre: General Fiction
Website Link: J. E. BRAUN

A synopsis in under 1000 words:

Paranoia is a first person account, from a 9/11 survivor, of how his increasing fear of terrorism became an all-consuming force in his life. Living outside of Colorado Springs years after the attacks, Jim suffers from post-traumatic stress, experiencing vivid, debilitating flashbacks to critical moments in his past. As Jim struggles to come to grips with all he lost in the attacks and in the years following, he must also deal with preserving his mental health. That task, daunting as it is on its own, becomes more complicated by the appearance of a private detective, who Jim believes has come to finally hold him accountable for his involvement in some regrettable, hate-fueled acts. Called "one book every American should read," by, Paranoia is J.E. Braun's debut novel. 10% of profits from sales of Paranoia will be donated to the Twin Towers Orphan Fund (

86) DREAMS OF BEAUTY by Author Aubrie Dionne


Title: DREAMS OF BEAUTY by Author Aubrie Dionne
Genre: Fantasy

A synopsis in under 1000 words:

“Although Emme has never met him, his face appears every night in her dreams.”

Emme, a demure young woman living on the fringes of Briarswood, is doomed to be an old maid. Her childhood friend is recently engaged to the town beauty, and Emme is reluctant to venture into society and find love. Instead she entertains idle dreams of Davian Hawthorn, a nobleman who disappeared nearly a century ago. When Davian’s elderly sister, Lilly, and her daughter, Rosalie, return to claim his abandoned Estate, Emme discovers that he is still alive, held captive under a Sorceress’s curse. The curse leaves him suspended in time as a young man in an eternal slumber, only to be awakened by a kiss.

With Rosalie struggling to keep Davian’s existence a secret, only Emme believes in the curse and discovers his true whereabouts. To make matters worse, Rosalie intends to squander the family’s fortune, selling the Estate, along with Briarswood to developers and endangering the entire town. Emme must overcome her fears and risk her life on a perilous quest to awaken Davian before his inheritance is lost as well as her home. During her journey she unearths secrets about the parents that she never knew, learns to trust in herself, and discovers that true love is not won with a kiss, but cultivated and nourished over time.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

85) LOVE HEALS ALL PAIN by Author Melissa Miller


Title: LOVE HEALS ALL PAIN by Author Melissa Miller
Genre: Romance

A synopsis in under 1000 words:

A strong woman, Rachel Connors faces the possibility of breast cancer. Scared and alone, she keeps her fears to herself. Going home to Tennessee for the holidays for the first time in years, Rachel meets Kyle Landers.

Kyle has decided from the start to not like Rachel. Her absence has been hard on her parents - two loving people who took Kyle under their wing when he had no one. But is his anger misplaced? Is there more to Rachel Connors than he first thought?

Overcoming a rocky beginning, Kyle and Rachel fall in love. But will it last? Can love prevail against the trials they will face?